Meaning: just, only, all the time
Application: saja, aja(colloquial)
Corresponding to English indefinite pronouns begnning with ‘any’ are forms consisting of a question words(siapa, apa, mana, kapan, berapa) followed by saja.

Siapa saja boleh ikut.
Kamu boleh minum apa saja.
Taruh barang itu di mana saja.
Anda bisa bepergian ke mana saja.
Kalau libur kami menginap di hotel mana saja.
Datanglah ke rumah kapan saja.
Ambil berapa saja.
biar saja
baik-baik saja
satu saja
Perasaan saya biasa saja.
Anyone can come along.
You can drink anything.
Put those things anywhere.
You can travel anywhere.
When on holidays we stay in any hotel at all.
Come and drop by any time at all.
Take any a mount you like.
let it be
just fine
just one
I feel indifferent


Meaning: self, alone
Application: sendiri, sendirian, menyendiri, sendiri-sendiri
The reflexive sendiri occurs with nouns and pronouns to emphasize or make clear who or what is being referred to. Following a possessive noun or pronoun sendiri translates ‘own’.

Ibu sendiri yang memasak kue itu
Dia datang sendiri/sendirian.
Anak itu bermain sendirian.
Ini rumahku sendiri.
Kamu harus pergi sendiri.
Mereka memasak sendiri-sendiri.
Dia suka menyendiri.
Pintu itu terbuka sendiri.
It was mother herself who made this cake.
He came himself/alone.
The child plays alone.
This is my own house.
You have to go by yourself.
They cook separately.
She likes being by herself.
The door opened by itself.


Si is a diminutive:

  1. It is used with the names of children, emphasizing their smallness or a feeling of affection.
  2. It is used with the name of animals, especially pets or animals in folk stories.
  3. It can occur with adjectives, usually those indicating physical characteristic.
  4. The nominalized adjective may become a common noun.
  5. It can occur with common nouns, most frequently those formed with the prefix pe-
Si Ali
Si Kancil
Si Botak
Si miskin dan si kaya
Si penulis buku
Ali(the child)
Mousedeer(character in folk stories)
the poor and the rich
the book writer

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