Prefix ‘per’ is usually accompanied by prefix ‘me-‘ before it. In order to facilitate a smooth transition in pronunciation letter ‘m’ is added between the prefix ‘me-‘ and ‘per-‘. However, the first letter or initial ‘p’ from the prefix ‘per-‘ is retained.


Root Word Meaning me + m + per + Root Word In a Sentence Meaning
ketat tight memperketat Polisi sudah memperketat penjagaan di bandar udara Police have tightened security at the airport
besar large memperbesar Kardi sudah memperbesar rumahnya Kardi has enlarged his house
panjang long memperpanjang Keluarga itu harus memperpanjang liburannya That family has to extend(lengthen) their holiday
tajam sharp mempertajam Bapak sedang mempertajam pisau ini Father is sharpening this knife
lancar fluent memperlancar Mahasiswa itu sudah memperlancar bahasa Indonesianya That student has improved(literally: made more fluent) his Indonesian

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