The prefix ‘di-‘ is used to make the passive form of an active ‘me-‘ verb. But ‘di’, can also function as a preposition that indicates location, often meaning ‘at’. ‘Di rumah’ means at home, and ‘di kantor’ means ‘at the office’.

To differentiate the above, in written form ‘di’ as a prefix is wirtten in one word with the root verb. As a preposition ‘di’ is written as a word separately from the noun(place). So the word ‘dikantor‘ is wrong because ‘mekantor’ is not a verb. As a proposition the correct form is ‘di kantor’.


Sentences Meaning Forms
Nina menyanyikan lagu jazz
Lagu jazz dinyanyikan oleh Nina
Nina sings a jazz song
A jazz song is sung by Nina
active form
passive form
Dia mencuci piring
Piring dicuci olehnya
She washes the dishes
The dishes are washed by her
active form
passive form

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