Meaning: to bug, to tease, naughty, not serious
Synonym: iseng
Application: jahil, jail(letter ‘h’ is eliminated)

Dia suka jail sama orang.
Kalo lagi jail dia suka gangguan orang.
Dia agak jail orangnya.
He likes to bug people.
If he’s in a naughty mood he loves to tease people.
He’s a bit naughty./He’s never serious.


Meaning: walk, way, street, manner, procedure, path, passage, road, route, track, course
Application: jalan, jalan-jalan, menjalankan, menjalani, perjalanan, berjalan, pejalan

Saya jalan/berjalan kaki ke sekolah.
Saya mau jalan kaki.
Saya mau jalan-jalan.
Rumah saya di jalan Jambu no. 5.
Kita harus hidup di jalan benar.
Mesinnya nggak jalan.
Dia harus menjalankan perintah bapaknya.
Kemarin ibunya menjalani operasi usus buntu.
Perjalanan hidup saya …
Perjalanan ke Bandung bisa 3 jam.
Saya tidak bisa mengikuti jalan pikiran kamu.
Pejalan kaki
jalan besar
jalan utama, jalan raya
jalan buntu
jalan tembus
jalan tikus
jalan setapak
jalan angin/ventilasi
I walk to school.
I want to take a walk.
I want to stroll, jog
My house is in Jambu street number 5.
We have to lead our life in a right way/path.
The machine doesn’t work(operate).
He has to follow his father’s order.
Yesterday her mother underwent appendix removal surgery.
The journey of my life …
The trip to Bandung can take 3 hours.
I can’t follow your way of thinking(train of thought).
boulevard, avenue
main road
no through road/dead end street
through road
back street
foot path


Meaning: fierce, grumpy, hot blooded, mean
Synonym: galak, pemarah, beringas
Application: judes(informal word)

Guru saya judes tampangnya.
Kalo jadi pelayan nggak boleh judes.
Dia kalo ngomong selalu judes.
akaknya judes.
My teacher has a fierce look.
he way she talks is always mean.
Her sister is grumpy.


Meaning: informal expression for intent, intention, notion, purpose, objective
Synonym: maksud, arah
Application: juntrung, juntrungan, kejuntrunga

Dia kalo ngomong nggak jelas juntrungannya(nggak kejuntrungan).
Buat apa rapat kalo nggak jelas juntrungannya.
Whenever he talks it’s never clear where it’s going.
What’s the point of having a meeting if there’s no set goal.

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