Meaning: Fish
Application: The word ‘ikan’ is used to describe fish in general. The word that follows describes the kind of fish.

Ikan paus
ikan hiu
ikan kakap
ikan tenggiri
ikan maskoki

Ini, Itu

Meaning: this/these(ini), that/those(itu)
The demonstratives ini and itu:

  1. follow the head noun and do not distinguish between one and more than one.
  2. can occur with all classes of nouns.
  3. can refer to someone or something previously mentioned but not now present.
  4. can refer to someone or something, as when pointing.
  5. can refer to someone or something present, but not previously mentioned and not now present.
  6. can be used with generic noun.
  7. can be used with certain nominalized verbal clauses, referring to all instances of the action.
1. buku ini
– kedua buku ini
– negeri itu
– negeri-negeri itu
2. Siti itu
3. Bagaimana rumah itu?
4. Saya tinggal di rumah ini.
5. Rumah besar itu rumah Tomo; saya tinggal di rumah ini.
6. Harimau itu binatang liar.
7. Lari itu sehat.
this book
these two books
that country
those countries
that(girl) Siti
What is that house like?
I live in this house.
That big house is Tomo’s; I live in this house.
The tiger is a wild animal.
Running is healthy.

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