Meaning: after, end, so, finished, finish, sold out, give out, wear out
Synonym: selesai(only apply to certain situation)
Application: habis, habis-habisan, kehabisan, menghabiskan, dihabiskan, menghabisi

Habis ini saya mau mandi
Tidak habis-habis ..
Habis gimana?
Tiketnya habis.
Kuenya sudah dihabiskan.
Saya harus menghabiskan buku ini.
Habis – habisan
Ban mobil saya udah habis.
Ketika Israel hendak menghabisi Palestina …
I will take a shower after this.
Never finish/never ending
So .. what am I supposed to do?
The tikets are sold out.
The cake is eaten.
I have to finish this book.
Till the end
My car tires are worn out.
Everything’s out(finished)
When Israel is going to kill the Palestinian …


Meaning: 1) right, rightful authority; 2) heel (of shoe)
Synonym: wewenang, berkuasa
Application: hak, berhak

Ini hak saya
Saya berhak atas rumah ini.
hak asasi manusia
Saya suka mengenakan sepatu hak tinggi.
hak istimewa
hak cipta
This is my right.
I have rights over this house.
human right
I like wearing high-heel shoes.
copy right, patent


Meaning: only
Synonym: cuma

Yang muncul di seminar hanya(cuma) 5 orang.
Anak saya hanya(cuma) satu.
Only 5 person showed up at the seminar.
I only have one child.


Meaning: alive, life, working, functioning, exist
Application: hidup, menghidupkan, menghidupi, kehidupan

Dia hidupnya mewah.
Nenek saya masih hidup.
Orang itu hidup dari gaji bulanan.
Mesinnya tidak hidup.
Orang Aborigin hidup di pedalaman Australia.
Sejak umur 17 tahun dia harus menghidupi keluarga.
Kehidupan saya cukup sibuk.
She has a lavish lifestyle.
My grandmother is still alive.
He lives on monthly salary.
The engine is not working.
The aborigines live in rural Australia.
Since 17 years old he has to feed his family.
My life has been busy.

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