Meaning: crazy, mad, wacky
Synonym: gila, miring, gélo


Meaning: you, yours, your
Synonym: kamu, lu
Application: Like gue/gua, elu/lu is tipically associated with colloquial Indonesian of young people. Sometimes it is used by older people. The choice between ‘elu’ and ‘lu’ is random. Most people favor one or the other. Sometimes they use both in one sentence.


Meaning: indeed, certainly, really, for sure, that is so.
Synonym: memang
Application: ’emang’ is the colloquial form of ‘memang’.

Gue emang kayak anak kecil.
Dia memang baik.
Indeed I am like a little child.
He is certainly kind.


Meaning: It’s colloquial form for watery, brilliant, thin
Synonym: cair(formal)

Sausnya terlalu éncér.
Anak itu otaknya éncér banget.
The sauce is too thin.
That kid is very brilliant.


Meaning: It’s colloquial form of negative word ‘tidak’.
Synonym: kagak, ndak(Javanese influence).
Application: Sometimes ‘enggak’ is written/spelled ‘nggak’, ‘engga’, ‘ngga’.

Gue enggak doyan sayur.
Dia nggak bisa pergi.
Dia kagak ngerti.
I don’t like vegetables.
He can’t go.
She doesn’t understand.


Meaning: later
Synonym: nanti
Application: ‘Entar’ is a colloquial form of ‘nanti’, an adjunct of time, usually with the implication that it will be soon.

Nanti(entar) dia ketularan.
Entar kita lanjut lagi.
Banyak orang nanti(entar) salah sangka.
Kawin muda susah, entar kalo ada apa-apa repot.
He is going to get infected.
We’ll continue later.
Lots of people are going to think the wrong thing.
Marrying young is a problem, if something happens there’ll be difficulties.


Meaning: It’s colloquial form for lightly
Synonym: ringan(formal)

Persoalan ini jangan dianggap énténg.
Tas ini énténg sekali.
Don’t take this problem too lightly.
This bag is really light.

*) Reference: Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian by James Neil Sneddon, 2006

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