Dropped ber-

This prefix occurs with some intransitive verbs where you can drop the prefix ber-. In some words the prefix ber- is reduced to be-.

Intransitive Verb Formal Form Colloquial Form
kerja Dia bekerja di Bank Danamon. Dia kerja di Bank Danamon.
He works at Bank Danamon.
jalan Dia berjalan sendiri. Dia jalan sendiri.
She walks alone.
tanya Dia bertanya soal apa? Dia tanya soal apa?
What did she ask you about?
canda Kami suka bercanda. Kami suka becanda.
We love to joke around.
dua Hanya kami berdua. Hanya kami bedua.
Just the two of us.
darah Tangannya berdarah. Tangannya bedarah.
Her hand is bleeding.

Reference: Colloquial Jakartan Indonesian by James Neil Sneddon, 2006

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