Prefix di- and the Preposition of Place di

Don’t confuse the verbal prefix di- with the preposition of place di. When di- is used as a verbal prefix it is glued straight on to the base form of a verb. For example:

dibaca                       dicuci                             dimakan                          dilakukan
to be read              to be washed            to be eaten                    to be done


But when di is used as a preposition meaning “at”, “on”, “in” etc., it stands alone as an independent word and usually appears in front of a noun. For example:

di Indonesia               di rumah                     di meja                              di gelas
in Indonesia           at home                    on the table                   in the glass

Unfortunately you will soon realise that many Indonesians are unable to distinguish between preposition and prefix and write ‘disini’ when it is supposed to be di sini and ‘di ambil’ instead of diambil.


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