In many cases several particles can occur together in a sentence. Many of these combinations reveal the rather fluid meanings of the articles, combinations sometimes even appearing to give contradictory emphasis or coloring.

Kok ketawa sih?
Capek kan lho.
Lho kok dia marah sih?
Semua kan juga suka yah nonton TV.
Nah! Kan gue bilang juga apa?
Nah! Lho! Pecah ya?
Nggak tau juga deh ya ..
Mau bangun siang kek mau tidur seharian kek terserah gue dong.
Besok kan ulang tahun babe lu, elu musti di rumah dong ya ..
Gara-gara bapaknya kan makanya gue putus sama tuh cewek?
How come you’re laughing then?
It’s tiring you know.
Well, how come he’s angry then?
Everybody also loves watching TV, don’t they?
Well, I have told you, haven’t I?
Well, what happen! It’s broken, isn’t it?
I’m not really sure my self ..
Whether I want to get up late or sleep-in the whole day, it’s all up to me for sure.
Tomorrow is your father’s birthday, you will be staying at home for sure, won’t you?
It’s all because of her father why I broke up with that girl.

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