Letter P

In the speech of most native-speakers of English, the /p/ sound, like /t/, is heavily aspirated, that is, in most sentence environments it is pronounced with a puff of air. If you listen carefully to yourself saying “people” you can feel, even hear, the little puff of air that accompanies the /p/ sound. You can even see it if you hold a piece of paper or a candle up close to your lips as you say “people”. The paper should visibly shiver, or the flame flicker, as the puff of breath hits it after each /p/ sound.

In Indonesian, the /p/ sound (like the /t/ you studied a few lessons back) is unaspirated. Hold a piece of paper close to your lips as you say the Indonesian words below, and try to ensure that the paper does not shiver or shudder as you say the Indonesian /p/ sound.


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