Diversophy Game Culture Specific: Indonesia

diversophy450x285Doing Business with Indonesians

Whether you are working with Indonesians from abroad or within Indonesia, you will learn important values, facts and behaviors needed for successfully interacting with and influencing Indonesian colleagues both in the workplace and in social life.

Games for Teaching and Training

diversophy® is designed for optimum learning. People learn better and faster by using diversophy® because it:

  1. is seen as relevant to the need
  2. is built on experience and tailored to the learner’s level
  3. actively involves many senses
  4. repeats and reinforces key messages
  5. is enjoyable, varied, and non-threatening
  6. is progressive (goes from simple to more complex or difficult)
  7. provides a positive outcome and a sense of success
  8. involves shared responsibility
  9. creates an environment of trust and mutual respect.

A diversophy game generally consists of 200-250 cards in 5 categories of 40 or 50 cards per category. The categories of cards are as follows:

A. Two-sided cards (Choice & Smarts)

1. Choice cards (yellow)
2. Smarts cards (green)

B. One-sided cards (Guide, Risk & Share)

3. Guide cards (white)
4. Risk cards (red)
5. Share cards (blue).

US$229 + shipping costs

What’s included

  • 200 diversiCARDs
  • Online Facilitator’s Guide
  • 3 Quickstart cards
  • 3 Debrief cards
  • 3 Multicolored dice




About author
The founder of BahasaKita. A cross-cultural business strategist, a trainer and a consultant, she has been invited to speak for multinational companies, government and non-government organisations in Australia and Indonesia. A graduate from Faculty of Economy, University of Indonesia, she is also a marketing professional. She develops a Cross Cultural Game - Diversophy , the powerful tool for teaching and training needed to deal successfully with people of other backgrounds.

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