Interrogative Sentences

Interrogatives can be formed by:

  1. using Intonation and/or adding a question tag, ‘bukan‘ or ‘kan‘(colloquial) to the questions if we wish to confirm our questions;
  2. using particle –kah;
  3. using the word apa or apakah;
  4. using interrogative pronouns:apa, siapa, berapa, bagaimana;
  5. using interrogative adverbs: mengapa, di mana, ke mana, kapan.
Si Dul ada?
Si Dul ada, bukan?
Si Dul ada, kan?
Si Dul ada kah?
Menangiskah dia?
Apakah pak Ali guru?
Siapa duduk disana?
Bagaimana dia?
Kapan dia pergi?
Is Dul in/around?
Dul is in/around, isn’t he?
Dul is in/around, isn’t he?
Is Dul in/around?
Did she cry?
Is pak Ali a teacher?
Who was it that sat there?
how is she?
When di he go?

Indonesian Grammar Made Easy by Dr. Liaw Yock Fang, TIMES 1996

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