se – nya

If prefix se- is combined with repeated adjective and suffix -nya, it will give you a totally different meaning. In the example below, banyak means many. Therefore sebanyak-banyaknya means as many as possible.

Root Word Se + Repeated Adjective + Suffix -Nya Meaning
ada seada-adanya whatever there is, as one finds it
baik sebaik-baiknya as good as possible
banyak sebanyak-banyaknya as many as possible
besar sebesar-besarnya as big as possible, deeply great
buruk seburuk-buruknya at worst
cepat secepat-cepatnya as fast as possible
dikit sedikit-dikitnya at the very least
enak seenak-enaknya as one wishes, as one likes
erat seerat-eratnya as tight as possible
habis sehabis-habisnya to the bitter end
jadi sejadi-jadinya with all one’s might
kuat sekuat-kuatnya as strong as possible
kurang sekurang-kurangnya at least
lama selama-lamanya as long as possible, forever
mau semau-maunya as one likes
pandai sepandai-pandainya no matter how good one is
tidak setidak-tidaknya in any case

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