Short Words

Some words can be shortened to make the conversation more relax or informal and still have the same meaning.


Formal Word Shortened to Meaning
permainan mainan game
pekerjaan kerjaan job
barangkali kali maybe
bagaimana gimana how
berbeda beda different
pemikiran pikiran thought
pembubaran bubaran dismissal, liquidation, dissolution
sebentar bentar, entar a while, a moment
seharusnya harusnya supposedly
terima kasih makasih thank you
dimana mana where
sedikit dikit a few, a little. a bit
begini gini in this way, like this
begitu gitu in that way, like that, nevertheless

But not all words can be shortened because each word will have different meaning. When it is put in a sentence the meaning will be different again such as the following example.


perbuatan deed, act, undertaking
buatan dummy, synthetic, artificial
Tas ini buatan mana? Where is this bag made?
Tas ini buatan siapa? Who made this bag?
Danau di belakang rumah saya adalah danau buatan The lake behind my house is a man made lake
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